Public organization  Taurida Sevastopol was registered in 2008.

Series of documentary- historical albums under general name Sevastopol was opened in the same year.

While preparing publications we work with original illustrative material kept in archives and museums ofUkraine,Russia, andEurope.

Every album is an appeal to aesthetic readers’ feelings, awakening of interest to the past, careful attitude to history and love to the city.

Books are published in the Russian, English and French languages and honorably representSevastopolabroad as gift-books and documentary- historical books.



Art documentary-historical books

Albums of Sevastopol series are interesting to people of all ages.  Turning over the pages one can make fascinating travel in time and space,

be immersed in past, think over present time, and get acquainted with little-known pages of the city history.


Special books

Land Relation Series

Publishing on the theme of land relations ofCrimeaon the grounds of archive data. 



 Sevastopol. Documents and Materials Series

Archive materials in Sevastopol history which have not been published before.  

"Tauric Sevastopol"